Subtle signs that you can become an entrepreneur

Subtle signs that you can become an entrepreneur

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Almost all the articles that you find on the internet related to being an entrepreneur will tell you that it is not everybody’s cup of tea. Even though they say this, they try to dictate to you the highlighting characteristics of a successful person, that too in addition to qualities which are found in a leading entrepreneur. They start with strong work ethics, ability to persist, a sense of discipline and end nowhere.


The research phase

Years of studies and research conducted on entrepreneurs have taught us one thing – the secrets of successful entrepreneurs are completely different from these false pretenses gauged up by people. The exemplary personalities like Oprah Winfrey, Henry Ford and John D. Rockefeller did not reach their current heights by walking on a straight road dictated by these so-called ‘Management Gurus’.


7 misunderstood assets

What we have learnt all through these years is that one should not believe everything that others say. You must consider the possibility that your liabilities are just your unrecognized assets. Here are twelve traits; which others will signify as a liability to you, but can be a sign that you are meant to be an entrepreneur:


A contradiction to common norms
You do not believe that if something has been done a specific way throughout time; it is reason enough to carry on with it. You do not like to do what others do; nor do you go with the flow, without an independent mind.


Easily loose interest
You might get bored of everything and others start regarding you as a burden. The reality is that such activities do not challenge your capabilities. You have the urge to do something new and innovative.


Cannot hold on to a job

This might indicate that you are too imaginative and it comes in the way of average routine jobs. This is because you are the one to inspire, not the one to be inspired.


Rebel” to the society
You have to think outside the confines of the rules and regulations of the society. A unique idea is outside the bounds of the society; you have to rebel in order to reach it.


Authority resistance
This might be looked upon badly for not listening to anyone in your life, may it be parents, teachers or your employer. But it only means that you have a different thought processing criteria.


Looking for improvements
Your over ambitiousness to improve everything might rub off on others as being rude and criticizing. They can interpret negatively on your self-expression.


Incapable of idle chit-chat
For you, just standing by and having casual talks is a waste of time. This might be interpreted as being rude, but you just do not feel comfortable in passing your time with meaningless activities.