7 Benefits of an Offshore Company set up in the UAE

7 Benefits of an Offshore Company set up in the UAE

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The UAE is a popular business hub that encourages all the foreign nationals and the residents to invest in its market. Investors who want to start business in Dubai should know that it’s already a booming marketplace for all types of businesses.

Setting up a business in the UAE could help the businesses to earn great profits and business reputation with several other benefits that aren’t limited to financial aspects only but also provide other benefits too.

If you’re planning for an offshore company formation in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, you should know these 7 benefits of an offshore company set up in the UAE so you could learn more about its offerings.

  1. Cost- Effective

Setting up an offshore company is the best option for individuals since it is really cost-effective in term of registration cost and other aspects as compared to other business structures.

  1. Asset Protection

The UAE laws are really flexible for offshore companies as it enables them to protect their assets such as real estate investments and intellectual property. The asset protection ensures that assets are protected legally by serving as a legal wall between the creditors and the assets.

  1. Tax-Free

The offshore companies aren’t liable to pay any taxes. The UAE has exempted offshore companies from all kinds of taxes such as income tax, corporate tax, etc. to encourage the investors to bring more business in the country and also gain full returns on their investments.

  1. Ownership

One of the best benefits of offshore company is that it doesn’t really need a partner or a local shareholder. The investor can gain 100% ownership depending on the property owned in the selected areas.

  1. Financial Confidentiality

An offshore company ensures complete business anonymity which means that it’s not necessary that the company holds a public record of its directors and shareholders. It could also be set up in a virtual form however it depends on the rules relating to the different areas.

  1. Easy Formation

The company has a faster incorporation process and requires minimal registration fees. This means that unlike other business structures, it doesn’t necessarily need the investor and the company to be physically present in the UAE. The registration process can also be carried out through a registration agent easily.