4 Main Types of Business in the UAE

4 Main Types of Business in the UAE

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The UAE is considered as one of the most fertile grounds for the new businesses as it provides world-class facilities and convenience to the business owners and the entrepreneurs.

The main cities also offer business setup services in UAE to assist all the new and emerging businesses with the registration process. That’s why the whole process for setting up a business is easier as compared to other countries.

The business owners need to select the type of business category and the type of business establishment in the initial phase to plan the whole setup process.

Whether the business owners are looking for PRO service in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, they will have to abide by the UAE’s laws and complete the legal requirements for choosing the right type of business accordingly.

That’s why we have come up with 4 main types of businesses in the UAE. They are as follows.

  1. Free Zone Company

The free zones in the UAE offer 100% ownership and easy legal requirements for setting up a business. There are more than 30 free zones in the country that provide multiple opportunities to the investors and the entrepreneurs to conduct businesses activities within the free zone boundaries. Also, there are many benefits related to this kind of business setup as it provides tax exemptions on import and export and also provides more profits on investments too.

  1. Limited Liability Company

A Limited Liability Company provides 49% ownership to the investors and requires the businesses to be registered through a license which is obtained mainly to achieve the desired operating rights in the UAE. The license confirms that the company is operating through real and established offices within the country or has one or more shareholders as UAE residents.

  1. Offshore Company

Offshore companies require no license as they can be easily operated through virtual offices. The provide an exemption from corporate taxes and offers an easy setup process for the businesses. These type of business setups are common in Dubai and the UAE as they have the easiest and reliable registration process.

  1. Branch Office

A branch office basically conducts business under the name of its parent company. It has limited access and a few restrictions due to some trade laws in the UAE. These type of business setups might need a special license to operate within the country as they need to hire a service agent to carry out the process.