Self-love: 5 Things You Can Do To Love Yourself More

Self-love: 5 Things You Can Do To Love Yourself More

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Humans, by nature, are dependable and reliable. We always try our best to help others and go at great lengths to lend a helping hand to those in need. But this characteristics can be a disadvantage, as we tend to forget ourselves, compromising your health and well-being.

Self-love and self-care is something that everybody should practice to ensure that your well-being is on tiptop condition. You need to keep in mind that in order to provide for others, you need to do it for yourself first. Be sure to do these self-love tips:

  • Spend time alone


This goes for busy individuals following a hectic schedule. Most of us don’t have a time alone since we have to deal with concerns of others. Although human interaction is important, people should have time alone so they can breathe for a while and arrange their thoughts. As much as possible, try to allot time for yourself for a day. A few minutes alone can help you to refresh your mind and spirit.


  • Compliment yourself


Most of the time, when you look at the mirror, all you can see are the negative things. When you do this, it is most likely that you will feel down even before you start your day. Try to do the opposite. Instead of pinpointing the bad things, try to notice the good things about you – your appearance, demeanor, and attitude. Doing this everyday would help you to love yourself more and appreciate the good things you have.


  • Think of a power word or phrase


If you want to improve your attitude and demeanor, try to think of a positive phrase or word that will be your mantra. Say this every day in front of the mirror and soon enough you will live by these words. If you can’t think of a power phrase to use, try to think of something good that you want to emphasize in yourself.


  • Practice your passion


Living a busy life can rob us of the capacity to practice our passion. But when you pursue your hobbies, you are bringing joy to yourself. Doing something you love can help you to feel better. If you must, allot time for you to practice your passion and do something that will bring you happiness.


  • Pay it forward


It may seem like doing something good to other is opposite of loving yourself. But this can do wonders for your soul. You don’t have to do something big. A simple as complimenting others can help brighten your day and make you feel good about yourself.