The Unknown History of Psychology

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Psychology today has advanced a lot in its field. Psychology is used to boost the stamina of the employees, get the people’s best potential out, get them super focused, make people get full sleep when if they are suffering from insomnia and all kinds of things psychology is doing to make sure that the worlds gets better and happy each day. Think of a world without psychologists, you will have no one to get an expert advice or a trustable person, there would be so many unhappy people. Even though there are still many people who suffer from different stages of depression but each day a new person comes out and get the help he/she needs.

The history of psychology goes far back from the ancient times of Greek, back then a person who would just listen and tell a solution to any problem and if that solution worked, they would be known as psychologists. As there were very less clever people who didn’t know what to do if they were being ignored or got beaten and if someone was beside them, they knew for sure that this person had some skills of problem solving and communicating at the same time. Back then the assistants and philosophers of the king and queens were also called the psychologists and the teachers of the kings and queens were known as the therapists as well.

The first psychological term was nature v/s nurture and this term was derived by the first new era’s psychologist ever, he goes by the name of Rene Descartes, he became a psychologist in the 17th century and wrote many books on human mind and the tricks you can play on mind on making it work more or how to ignore the pain. Many people still have doubts about it and are improving and understanding his theories. This theory was the first one to introduce to dual personality syndrome and people then thought that it was a curse or black magic but Rene cleared the picture and showed them this thing they called can be cured. Since after that the field of psychology is bringing more and more changes that are beneficial for humans and even animals. If you are looking for best and professional consultancy regarding any issue you can visit many psychotherapists in Dubai or you can visit the best psychologists in Dubai.