Pros and Cons of buying cars under the CPO program


There is no confusion that buying luxury cars is very beneficial. But with the passage of time it is becoming hard to buy these cars due to rising interest rates. Regular car owners can buy cars under CPO program because it provides lot of facilities to customers. It reduces the inherent risk. One of the best things of buying cars under CPO is that these cars are less costly. Especially Emirate’s people can buy Chevrolet Pre-Owned in Sharjah, because this is really good deal in UAE. Certified pre-owned cars also provide the warranty coverage to customers. There is no doubt that all used cars are not perfect, but certified models are comprehensive.

Some people don’t satisfy ever whether they buy new car or used car. Here we are going to discuss some pros and cons of buying cars under CPO program.

It gives peace of mind:

When you buy car under certified pre-owned program, there is a sense of security. You are satisfied with your deal that you make with dealer. They don’t have to worry about costly repairs and breakdowns. These cars are inspected from certified companies. Some car brands offer this certification program backed by the factory. There are so many used cars for sale in Sharjah under certified pre-owned program.

These cars are inspected and pre-selected:

Under CPO program these cars are pre-selected and inspected from certified companies. Certification program also have age limits and mileage limits. They almost require more than 4 to 6 years old cars with maximum mileage of 50,000 to 80,000 on meter. Toyota manufacturer require 7 years eligibility and porches for 8 years.

Some dealers follow the inspection checklist, because they count spots differently, what is the exact price is not important.

These cars are repair under warranty coverage:

Under CPO program used cars are repair under warranty coverage. So you don’t have to worry about breakdowns or other technical issues.

Cons of buying cars under certified pre-owned program:

Certified cars cost more:

One of the major disadvantages of buying cars under pre-owned is that car inspection is much expensive. Dealers have to pay a fee to manufacturer for CPO certification, and then they also charge for warranty coverage.

Used cars have potential for problems:

It does not matter that how car is inspected carefully, you don’t have guarantee that certified used cars will not create any issue.