2 ways to market successfully in 2020

2 ways to market successfully in 2020


Today, we have everything which our ancestors lack. We have cell-phones as part of our lives today, unlike our parents who witness the presence of a single phone or telephone in their locality in their childhood. Their intelligence has made marketing more challenging. After all, intelligent people are not easy to get attracted towards anything. However, electronic medium has made it easier. But, on the other hand, it has made it difficult too, because it requires creativity to attract public to buy cheesy pizzas with soft flavoured garlic bread. 

Yet, there are some easy ways to market your brand on Internet. Some of those easy-to-use methods are: 

Facebook: Facebook is that social media site which everyone uses either to know what their loved ones are doing or to get information. That is why it is the easiest way to market the product. 

You can make page on it of your brand where you post pictures and posts of your brand or product. You can add different features on it like “automatic reply” or “Fan of the Week” to attract more and more people. But before it, you need to ask your friends or family to like and share your page. You can invite your Facebook friends to like it. Moreover, you can make team of people who will run your page. In this way, there will be more activity on your page. More activity results in more engagement. And, more engagement results in accomplishment of marketing. 

Instagram: Instagram is the most used social media nowadays. After all, everyone loves to see pictures and short videos. 

A person or marketer can use that instinct of people to increase his sales. All he or she has to do is to download its application, make account, and post photos. 

Photos should have some attractive content. Besides this, he or she should use bundle of tags. Tags will make it view-able to masses. And more views will result in more chances of sales. 

To click likes-grabbing pictures for your Instagram account, you don’t need to have DSLR. Instead of this, you need to have skills to make pictures. Because photos are made, not captured. To make photos, you can use different filters. But it will be much worthy to use the functions of brightness and contrast to beautify it. Your hardworking will then be paid in the form of likes. Number of likes is that number which determine that how much there would be rise in sales, in percentage. That’s the reason why every brand has official page on Instagram nowadays. To make your posts catchy, you can write a poem or gather bundle of adjectives in one sentence. This will make it worthier to read and like. 

So, these are top 2 ways to market your product on internet. You can market your spray paint in Dubai or the best school bags in Dubai too.