The Pin

Pin_LogoShe Gave Him Hope. He Gave Her a Promise.

“The Pin” tells a moving story of love and loss, and regret and redemption, and the struggle to find balance between oppression and tolerance, during the dark and turbulent times of World War II. Jacob works as a Shomer (a religious watchman responsible for guarding souls before their burial) when one night he comes face-to-face with his long lost love Leah, a girl he fell in love with during WWII. As Leah’s body lays in the morgue, Jacob reminds himself of his brief but intense love affair with her and how they spent their days and nights hiding in a barn in Lithuania. Brought together by these extreme circumstance, what starts as mistrusts develops into love, marriage, and decision that changes them forever. After a lifetime of regret, Jacob is given one final chance of redemption and to fulfill a promise he made to young Leah on their last night together.

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The Cast:

Milda Gecaite, Grisha Pasternak, David Fox

Written and Directed by: Naomi Jaye

Produced by: Daniel Bekerman